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Our Services

We offer following unique services as follows-:

IT Consulting

In this service,Satya Infosys outsource the requested IT people in various capacities to business houses.

Development of Customized ERP Solutions

In this service,Satya Infosys offers to develop customized ERP solutions as per your business need, in the case you can’t afford big ERP solutions from big branded companies.

Business consulting /BPM (Business process mapping)

  • In this service, if you are a start up company then our consultant will identify all required processes to control your operations and based on your budget can suggest suitable IT solution, where ever required.

  • If you are already running company and you want to review your processes then our consultants will review all your existing processes and nail down the missing/required processes, where ever applicable.

  • If you have already some IT solution available and you want to audit it for gaps for improvement or from security purpose then our consultant can do so.
  • PMO Services

    Scope identification services

  • In this service,Satya Infosys offers to create project charter for you based on your business/operations need, before you award your S/W solution to any third party.

  • Testing services

  • In this service,Satya Infosys offer a dedicated testing team which will help you to vet software solution which might have procured by you from third party vendor based on your scope of work and business need.
  • portf19

    Our Product

    Agriculture ERP-:

    FIMS (Farmer Information Management System)

    i. Farmer personal information
    ii. Farmer live stock/cattle information
    iii. Farmer Land information (Khasra/ Longitude/latitude wise)
    iv. Farmer Irrigation information
    v. Farmer Soil health card
    vi. Farmer Pre-harvesting demand (Seeds/Seedlings/ Fertilizers etc.)
    vii. System recommended crops based on soil health card
    viii. System generated Future stock based on demand and distribution

    Supply chain management system (Integrated with FIMS)

    i. Sale
    ii. Purchase
    iv. Distribution
    v. Processing units
    vi. Finance
    vii. Payroll Reports


    i. Parametric Reports
    ii. Graphical reports
    iii. Management Dashboard

    Tools & Technology

    Tools & Technology

    Under Construction....

    Operational Model

    Operational Model

    Under Construction....