Quality Process

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Quality Processes

  • Approach & Methodology for Services
  • PMS Framework
  • Processes
  • Engagement Model
  • PMO Execution Methodology
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Program and Project Dashboards
  • 1. Approach & Methodology for Services

    Establishing a project management office is the foundation for improving any organization’s project, program management best practices. A strong and well established PMO with experienced staff helps in increasing the quality of IT initiatives in a cost-effective manner.
    SATYA INFOSYS will establish PMO for managing the delivery and services. Some of the objectives of this PMO are as follows:
  • Establish the standard approach to project & service management that is to be used by all project managers & delivery managers within the organization.
  • Introduce management practices incrementally, beginning with those that have the greatest impact on project and business success.
  • Collection of pertinent data for analysis and reporting of project performance.
  • 2. PMS Framework

    3. Processes

    The following table shows a list of all the major Program Management processes and the major activities performed during each phase of Program Management approach. Each critical process has a tailored but flexible approach to support the critical success factors of each phase.

    Process Areas Planning Execution Control
    Program Management Ensure Well Executed Program
    Financial Management Facilitate Business Case and Program Financial Tracking
    Performance Management Identify, Define and Manage Performance Metrics
    Training and Development Develop Required Competencies and Skills related to PMO
    Contract Management Provide Governance and Compliance Support
    Supplier Management (if required) Vendor coordination, relationship and performance management
    Customer Management Manage Objectives, Expectations, Requirements and Outcomes
    Foundational Elements Risk Management
    Enterprise Tools

    4. Engagement Model

    High level engagement model for the PMO will be developed based on the discussion among stakeholders.
    SATYA INFOSYS proposes the following governance structure to manage and oversight strict adherence to processes, ensure quality and consistent delivery, manage and resolve conflicts and take timely decision toward benefit of the Program and Engagement.
    SATYA INFOSYS proposes the following governance model to ensure continuous monitoring at all levels ensuring complete transparency and quick decision making.
    Forums Frequency Objectives Input
    Strategic Steering Committee Meeting Quarterly
    • Business Alignment
    • Executive
    • Commitments
    • Future Direction
    • Business and Strategic Plan
    • Program Dashboard
    Management PMO Review Meeting Monthly
    • Overall Delivery performance check
    • Issues, Escalation and Risk Management
    • Service Reports
    • Monthly KPI Reports
    • Strategic Plan
    • User Satisfaction data
    • Rolled up project plan
    Operation Project Status Review Meeting Weekly
    • Project Health Check
    • Deliverables and Service levels
    • Issue Resolution
    • Change Requests
    • Schedule, Effort and Cost variance
    • Service Reports
    • KPI Reports
    • Project status

    5. PMO Execution Methodology

    High level schedule for setting up and running a PMO for Services Outsourced to SATYA INFOSYS and major milestones are shown in the pictures below.

    6. Critical Success Factors

    SATYA INFOSYS understands the criticality of meeting the objectives of this Project To meet these objectives, SATYA INFOSYS has identified key success factors to deliver this project within time, cost, scope and quality with the following.

    i. Effective Governance:
    ii. Robust Processes:
    iii. Customer Satisfaction:
    iv. Risk Management
    v. Issue & Conflict Management
    vi. Communication Management:
    vii. Change Management & Control:
    viii. Metrics & Dashboards

    7. Program and Project Dashboards

    The Dashboard feature enables management to have a bird’s eye view of ongoing Project/Programs and Projects under them. This will provide a wide choice of metrics with a transparent view of the health of the Project/Program. The Project/Program level reports can be drilled down to obtain dashboards showing project level metrics. Some examples of the Dashboards can be generated below: